Holidays, in Himachal, are incomplete without these Activities

City: Noida

Holidays in Himachal Pradesh spell overflowing excitement. The breathtaking surroundings coupled with the surreal sights of the Himalayas are sure to enchant your penchant for natural splendor. A trip to the Himalayas is not only exciting to the kids, but also enjoyable to the adults. But it will remain always incomplete without the following activities.

Cycling through the Villages: Cycling through the quaint villages of Himachal Pradesh brings you an unworldly charm. If you are in Dharamshala, cycling through the mountains and forests will take you to the breathtaking wilderness that you will cherish forever. As you cycle through the small picturesque hamlets on the lap of the mountains, you can feel the fresh air, lingering fragrances of the blossoms and the alluring trails and tracks. Beholding the scenic rural areas of the Kangra valley while cycling through its tracks is surely a treat to the eyes.

Lazing around the farms: Lazing around in the green farmlands and the orchard retreat is one of the most exciting leisurely activities people do in Himachal Pradesh. Let your weary spirit unplug in the relaxing greens. At the same time, enjoy the mesmerizing views of the mountains on the Himalayan countryside. Believe it or not, for the romantic couples, lazing around in the verdant farms can be the most amazing vacation activity.

Star Gazing: Have you ever been in the mountains and enjoyed the night skies? If not, then a chapter of your mountain retreat has never been opened. Gazing at the stars in a night sky is one of the best things that you can do while in Himachal Pradesh. As the darkness seeps in, the sky of the mountain puts up a mysterious veil and that’s the time when gazing at the stars takes you to another world. In fact, your adventure to the mountains will remain almost incomplete unless you gaze the stars in the night sky. Believe it or not, it will take you to the wilderness of another world.

Trekking: Are you an adventure freak? The mountainous trails of the Himachal Pradesh will give you ample scope for trekking. An adventure trip in Himachal Pradesh is the most anticipated one. From beginners to the seasoned trekkers, Himachal Pradesh is a land of boons. Even for the nature lovers, trekking through the mountainous tract of Himachal is a blissful journey. If you are an adrenaline seeker, your bucket list should include the Indrahar Pass trek, Chandratal trek, Beas Kund Trek, Kinnaur Kailash trek, and so on. You can also opt for difficult and the vertical trekking routes.

Local food tasting: Are you a foodie by heart? Then a trip to Himachal is going to be a happening one as you will get a platter of local food to soothe your soul’s craving. From fresh garden produces to the spicy and savory serving from the native kitchen are simply mind blowing.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set forth for an adventurous trip to the wilderness of Himachal.

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