Local Food Guide - Explore these 4 places to sample the most delectable local Indian cuisines

City: Noida

No matter wherever you go, the one most important thing is food. Tasting the local cuisines, getting in touch with different cultures and tastes is indeed a remarkable experience. India is a country filled with different states, and the culture varies with each state so is the cuisine. You will get to taste different types of mouth-watering foods while traveling across the country. There is no exaggeration if we consider Himachal Pradesh as one place that has one of the best and tasty cuisines in all over India. As Himachal Pradesh was a Tibetan colony earlier, you will get to witness the Tibetan touch in foods till today. Here are four of the most famous and mouth-watering Himachal Pradesh cuisine dishes.


The first thing that will strike in anyone’s mind while talking about Himachal Pradesh cuisine will be Momos. Momos is an unofficial national dish of Tibet, but it is pretty popular in Himachal Pradesh. Most of the people consider it as comfort food as it can be prepared at any time without much of a hassle. The locals modified the original dish according to their requirement and offered various kinds of Momos. There are so many varieties of Momos that you can taste in local restaurants of Himachal Pradesh. The basic classification of Momos can be done into vegetarian Momos and non- vegetarian Momos. There are some cafes and hotels that are established especially for Momos. The local residents as well as the visitors, everyone fall in love with these Momos.


This is another comfort food that needs no special occasion to enjoy. Anyone can prepare them at any time with ease. Thukpa is soup noodles with vegetables or meat in it. Himachal Pradesh is a cool area, and a hot bowl of Thukpa will help in keeping the residents warm. Most of the restaurants prepare handmade noodles for this Thukpa just like Traditional Tibetans do. Although the dish was Tibetan by origin, the Himachal Pradesh locals completely modified it and made it a special dish in their cuisine.

Lang Phing

If you are in Himachal Pradesh, then this is a must try dish for you. This Lang Phing is a turmeric flavored pancake which was adapted from China. The gluten is steamed at first and extracted from tapioca flour. Then it will be served with a soup consisting of soy, chilli, and garlic. The soup adds a great flavor for the food.

Luchi Poti

If you love non-vegetarian food, then do not miss this tasty and yummylicious Luchi Poti on your next trip to Himachal Pradesh. This dish is made out of intestines of lamb. Millet flour or wheat is mixed with the species, and this stuff is again stuffed in sheep's intestines and steamed. You can eat this with either mutton soup or chutney. These are the four most famous delicacies in Himachal Pradesh. Make sure to taste them; you won't regret it.

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