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Why Palampur is the most underrated hill station in India?

City: Noida

Come the summers, and everyone is looking for ways and places to escape the blazing heat and retreat for a long vacation somewhere in the hillside. It is natural that flocks of people, be it with their friends or family, resort to the many scenic and beautiful hill stations in the country for a relaxing retreat. Some of the most visited hill stations, like Nainital, Ooty and Darjeeling, thus become so crowded during the summers that in some ways the experience gets marred.

There are some quaint locations, however, that do not get so crowded, because they are a little underrated compared to the more famous hill stations. One of them is Palampur, a serene village in the state of Himachal Pradesh, which is already overcrowded with the many famous locales of Dharmshala, McLeodganj and Manali. Despite this, Palampur continues to be a favourite for the unique traveller who likes to fill his bag of experiences with the most delightful of treasures, Palampur being one of them.

1. Not many hotels
The Naini Lake

First and foremost, the prime reason why the town is so underrated is because it is relatively very small, and therefore does not house many hotels and lodges. Some, like the Beyond Stay hotels, offer a very picturesque and comfortable stay, while many other are tiny, although they too provide an excellent insight into the vernacular architecture of the place. The beauty of Palampur, as well as its lesser popularity, lies in the same fact. The town is small and cozy, and not yet drowned in tourists and travellers all year round. For those of us who wish to retreat to a silent, serene locale for their summers, away from the humdrum of the crowd, Palampur is the best option.

2. Quaint places to see
The Naini Lake

The places of tourist attraction in the small town are quaint, ruined and old. The monasteries situated high atop hills, and the temples located deep inside the valleys, offer a vibe that needs to be absorbed for appreciation. It is also ideal for a traveller to stay here for some days and then proceed forward to the other popular destinations in the Himachal, like Dharamshala and McLeodganj. Many people are unaware of the beauty and the essence of Palampur, and therefore it is one of the most underrated hill stations.

3. Difficult trekking at the Kangra valley
The Naini Lake

The town is located in the Kangra Valley, which is lined with a number of streams and trekking trails. Palampur, although a small town, offers an exotic experience of the above. Many families, however, would find the trails intimidating and the treks daring. The town has something to offer to everyone – trekking trails for the adventurous and beautiful bazars and monasteries for the relaxers – however, these attributes of the town are unknown and unventured into by many

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