Best Tea Plantations in India

City: Noida

The one common love that almost all the Indians share is the love for tea. India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, and almost 70% of the produced tea is consumed by Indians only. This clearly depicts how much Indians love a cup of tea. The tea brewing history dates back to Ramayana, a holy scripture which was written in 750 and 500 B.C. However the mass production of tea has started after the arrival of East India Company. A large chunk of land was dedicated to tea brewing and was exported to other countries.

If you love sipping a hot cup of tea, you would love to visit the green, luscious and aroma filled tea estates to know how your favorite tea leaves are grown. Here is the list of best tea plantations in India that you cannot miss.

Darjeeling, West Bengal

Darjeeling, one of the most popular hill stations in India is very famous for the tea plantations. Around 25% of the total tea output comes from Darjeeling itself. There are so many plantations in Darjeeling, and almost all of them are famous. Here are some of the best plantations of Darjeeling

  • Happy Valley Tea Estate- This Happy Valley estate is present on the Northern side of Darjeeling, and it offers a guided tour to the tea factory. It was established back in 1850 and had a long history. The estate is very popular because of its finest tea, and it is famous among foreigners too.
  • Ging Tea House- Ging Tea house was built in Lebong valley in 1864. It offers various types of guest suites, and people can stay in the suite and enjoy different teas all day.
  • Nuxalbari Tea Estate- The best tea plantations list of Darjeeling will be incomplete without the mention of Nuxalbari tea estate. This is the first largest tea estate in India to produce the "certified elephant friendly tea," and it is owned as well as run by women only.

March to September is the tea plucking season, and you will enjoy visiting at this time a lot.

Assam, Northeast India

Assam is the largest tea producing area in the country and is also termed as "Tea Capital of World." The Assam tea is very famous that there are some brands that tout their product naming it as Assam tea. Most of the Assamese tea is grown in Brahmaputra Valley and is brightly colored. The Gatoonga Tea Estate is a must visit place if you are in Assam. You will enjoy the blend of sylvan flooring and colonial décor here.

Munnar, Kerala

As you enter this beautiful place, you will be welcomed with miles of luscious tea plantations. It has one of the largest tea manufacturing companies in India which was owned by the Tata group once upon a time. You will be able to visit India’s first tea museum located at Nallathani estate to witness the tea production history of Munnar.

These are some of the most famous and beautiful tea plantations located across India.

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