Dharamshala – A Writer’s Retreat

City: Noida

Dharamshala, one of the most beautiful valleys in Himachal Pradesh is the best vacation spot if you want to relax and enjoy serene nature. Dalai Lama, the Buddhist monk, has come from Tibet to Dharamshala and made it his home. This depicts how significant Dharamshala is and the peacefulness it offers. Any writer or artist who visits this astonishing valley will surely explain its beauty in their words and art. Dharamshala is considered as a writer's retreat, and there is no exaggeration in it. Here are the reasons why Dharamshala is considered as a retreat for the artists.


People are living in concrete jungles these days with a hectic lifestyle, and the sublime power of nature is often ignored. But once you get in touch with the luscious green trees, you will never get enough of it. The beautiful greenery will indeed take your breath away. Dharamshala is one such place in India where you will be able to see mesmerizing trees, gushing waters and no hectic lifestyle. Anyone who wants to have a break from their routine and boring lifestyle would surely love this Dharamshala. Nature will surely help in honing the creativity of writers.


Trekking is the most favorite adventure sport for so many people out there irrespective of gender. There are so many trekking trails that start from Dharamshala. The dense forests of oak, rhododendron, and pine with glaciers and occasional waterfalls in between will surely make your trekking trip memorable. Most of the treks will begin at Dharamshala and will lead you up to the Chamba district. Another interesting thing here is you can go to rock climbing in Dharamshala. Yes, it is the best place for both trekking and rock climbing. The adventure lovers can pump up their adrenaline rush at Dharamshala.


In India experiencing snowfall is very difficult. You will feel too humid or hot, but the right kind of temperature is very rare, Dharamshala is an exception for this. In Upper Dharamshala, the sleet and snow is a very common phenomenon from December to February.

The Mini-Lhasa

The real name of this place is McLeodGanj, but people often term it as Mini or Little Lhasa. This is the place where Dalai Lama decided to set up his home after the exile. So many Tibetan refugees and monks still call this place like home and visit it every now and then. You will get familiar with the history of Tibetans and will also be able to see some of the museums, temples and war memorials.


Himachal Pradesh cuisine is pretty famous. The people here in Dharamshala make sure to use only authentic ingredients that are available around them while making the tasty dishes. The mouthwatering Himachal Pradesh Cuisine will leave you awestruck.

It is important for every writer to have a retreat every now and then to pump up the creativity in their brains. A beautiful place like Dharamshala is indeed a great option to visit as this valley has several stories to tell, several adventures to experience and tasty food items to satisfy the taste buds. It helps you to connect with nature and authenticity again.

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